The Wellington Sri Lankan school was established because of a perceived need for Sri Lankan socio-cultural experiences for the children and young adults of current and past immigrant families to New Zealand.

Although at this time, Sri Lankan dance, music and  drama experiences were available in Wellington; the additional need for a formal language, cultural and spiritual acquisition program was identified as well by the community.

As a response to it, in 1990 formal Sinhala Language classes for children and other learners were established, followed by Buddhism Classes in English in 1996.

We are a Community School, staffed by volunteer teachers from the Wellington region. They deliver a Sinhala language curriculum (developed in house) as well as the entry level Y.M.B.A. International Buddhism Curriculum. 

A charitable institution; our school is governed by a parent body and administered by a management committee. We are funded through donations, fund raising events and grants. 

For near to three decades our school was progressed into being a well established member of the New Zealand Community School environment. We are a member of CLANZ (Community Languages Association of NZ) and affiliated with MClass (Multicultural and Support Services) at a national level and liaise with the YMBA (Young Mens Buddhist Association of Sri Lanka) internationally. 

Our students well placed success in international examinations; as well as their personal and group contributions to cultural activities in the Wellington region is a good measure of our school's success in meeting our started aim and vision. 

Seedevi de Silva 

Senior Teacher of WSLS