Ayubowan, Kia ora and welcome,

I hope all our families return this term refreshed and ready to start the new year with positive thoughts on the future of our school and children’s learning.

We start this year with some new changes to our teaching staff and structure of classrooms. I am delighted to say that Samanhi Samasinghe is joining our teaching staff. So a big welcome to her from our school and we thank her for volunteering to support our children in their learning. It is so good to see past and current parents contributing to the welfare of our school in so many ways.

Speaking of welfare, I wish to remind our parents that as a non profit, charity our school depends on your donations to carry on our work. We will appreciate it very much if our parents would check if they have given their donations up to 2019. It is your goodwill which supports our work with our  tamariki/children.

At our last staff meeting, the teaching team, came up with some adjustments to the class structure in the Language stream. We are establishing a new auxiliary class, taken by Indeewari Ratnayake. We intend it to be a supportive “transition” class for pupils.

Most of our paper work such as enrollment forms can now be downloaded from our website. Wslsnz.org. Sumudu has done a wonderful job of re establishing it for our school. So as the saying goes “do try it”. Any suggestion for improving same is very welcome.

Last but not least I wish to remind you all of a very important fact of being present at our parent meetings. If decisions are made by a minority representation, then our school community’s full voice and needs will no be heard. There is less richness in decision making and a few may monopolize the decision making for our school. Our aim is to value and promote true representation of our community and we need your participation to do this. Together let us go forward this year to further improve our schools vision.

Seedevi De Silva

Senior Teacher.